DohVinci from Hasbro

Product Review – DohVinci Style & Store Vanity Design Kit

Hasbro presents a 3D printer that does not make                  DohVinci Style & Store Vanity Design Kit
use of plastic or any heating elements to create
3D figures and models. It’s called DohVinci, and
it makes use of a special form of Play-Doh to
come up with masterpieces.

How Much?

The DohVinci Kit, which consists of the handheld extruder and Play-Doh cartridges, has a retail price of $19.99.

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EZ Robots

Product Review – EZ Robots

EZ Robots is coming out with a new line of robots,                                    BeFunky_download (2).png
and they are guaranteed to offer a lot more – way
more – than your usual toy robots out there. They
are called the Revolution robots, namely SIX, ROLI,
and JD, and they boast features such as an easy Clip
‘n’ Play technology, an EZ-Builder software, Wi-Fi
capability, streaming audio, object tracking cameras,
and more.

How Much?

The Revolution JD comes with a price tag of $499. The Revolution SIX and Revolution ROLI, on the other hand, cost $449 each.

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Barbie Endless Curls Review

Product Review – Barbie Endless Curls DollsBarbie Endless Curls Review

You can always count on Barbie dolls to keep children captivated for many hours and with the added blessing they can play inside when it is snowing or raining.

Mattel’s Barbie Endless Curls Doll is packed with features to entertain little minds, with lustrous hair that can be easily styled using the (safe for children to use) set of no-heat hair styling tools and hair accessories, such as a brush, no-heat curling tools, foam rollers, barrettes, and rubber bands. With all these included accessories in your little princesses hands, the styling possibilities and endless!

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Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric ScooterThе E100 Electric Scooter іѕ the perfect ѕіzе fоr сhіldrеn аrоund thе ages оf 7 to 12, although recommended for 8 years and up.  It runs ԛuіеtlу fоr about 40 mіnutеѕ аt ѕрееdѕ оf uр tо 10 mіlеѕ аn hоur.

Avаіlаblе in many colors including rеd and pink ѕо both bоуѕ аnd girls wіll еnjоу thе dеѕіgn.

Customer Review: “Bоught thіѕ for my 8 уеаr оld grаndѕоn – hе was ѕо excited whеn hе opened іt. Aftеr сhаrgіng іt hе couldn’t wаіt tо tаkе іt fоr a ѕріn – аnd hе hаѕ not stopped riding іt. Hе hаѕ had іt fоr оvеr 2 mоnthѕ аnd has nеvеr used it ѕо muсh thаt thе bаttеrу went dead.

He ѕtіll lоvеѕ іt аnd rіdеѕ it аlmоѕt еvеrуdау!”

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Product Review – Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

The BarbiBarbie Digital Makeover Mirror e Digital Makeover Mirror by Mattell is a vanity mirror with a difference that is compatible with an iPad. It brings the level of fun and dynamic play to a whole new level, as girls can try on different kinds of eye shadow or lipstick without having to actually do this in reality, which can be a major benefit (if you know what I mean) for parents who don’t feel like dealing with cleaning up mess after the fact. As the name suggests, the makeover mirror allows girls to play makeover all in the contained environment of a digital setting.

While this may be a toy made for younger girls, the applications of this product could actually be viable in more general market settings. Just think, for instance, any adult could try on different types of makeup and see what they would look like without having to try them on in actuality. This will save time and money for both stores and consumers if they ever try installing this application in more commercial settings. The potential is certainly there.

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