Product Review – Disney Magical World – Nintendo 3DS
Disney Magical World

The Disney Magical World is a Nintendo 3DS game which
gives it’s players so much control over how their
favorite Disney characters are able to thrive and survive
in various Disney-themed worlds. It’s a whole lot of fun, with lots of
color, and it’s challenging, and definitely magical!

How Much?

The Disney Magical World, can also be referred to as “Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life”, has a price of $25.12.

Who Would Buy This?

Parents have always trusted and still look to Disney to provide wholesome entertainment for kids, and at the same time if they have the chance to integrate Disney fun and education into playtime, then the Disney Magical World Nintendo 3DS game is the perfect way to go about it! Disney fans will also want to enjoy their favorite Disney characters and worlds better using this game.

Things We Like

Now, who doesn’t love Disney? There’s something for everybody in this magical world of characters, from princes and princesses, witches and fairy godmothers, even talking ducks and perky chipmunks, and surprise, a pirate that shares the name of a certain bird. Such a wide variety of Disney characters and the equally wide selection of Disney-themed worlds found in this Nintendo 3DS game prove to be its main draw. Children won’t be bored, with so many options to choose from. The ability to customize their own Disney world is probably every child’s dream. Imagine being able to change the clothes of your favorite princess, or dressing up Cinderella, or making characters such as Mickey Mouse and Pluto do something mundane such as planting crops.

It’s sure to be quite an adventure! Of course, there are also other tasks and quests that must be performed or be undertaken, and it can take players across worlds. Battle ghosts, hunt, collect items…with so many things going on, there will never be a dull moment to keep the children entertained for hours on end. The inclusion of a café that must be managed is also an excellent touch, adding more challenges to the game. This is also a good way to introduce kids to business dynamics, since they will be tasked to manage the café, from creating the menu items to organizing the staff and putting them to work. The slow pace of this game is a great way to relieve stress. It is exciting and stimulating, yes, but it is also very relaxing and educational.

Things We Don’t Like

One of the things we like about the Disney Magical World is also, to a certain extent, the one thing we don’t like about it. Other players may find it to have a pace that is too slow.


No information on warranty for Disney Magical World is available at the moment.

Is It Worth The Money?

For $25.12, you will be exposed to so many Disney worlds, and you can interact with over 60 Disney characters, allowing your children to play with so many of your favorite Disney characters. It is practically a steal!

Where Can I Buy?

Nintendo 3ds Xl Disney Magical World Special Edition (Mickey Edition)

Now Available

Expect Disney Magical World to be available in all major toy and gaming retailers, as well as online stores such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Now you can create your own Disney-themed world, and rule over it! Get your own Disney Magical World – Nintendo 3DS
game to see how it’s done!

And for the serious Disney moments, check out Nintendo 3ds Xl Disney Magical World Special Edition (Mickey Edition)

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