Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit DollSports Illustrated in celebration of the 50th anniversary issue, and the most famous looks of all time, this limited edition Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll is wearing a classy yet striking black and white zebra-striped halter swimsuit, with a matching pair of black strappy heels, a gold cuff bracelet, and oversized sunglasses. It is easy to see why this is the perfect limited addition for anyone’s Barbie collection.

How Much?

This is well priced, making the Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll appealing to both adult collectors and kids alike.

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Who Would Buy This?

You can add this Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll to your 35 year anniversary Barbie in your cabinet or simply start your collection with this limited edition Barbie. It would make a perfect gift for someone you know with a collection of Barbie dolls.

We are certain the Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll will be in short supply with this limited edition as adults who are keen on maintaining a Barbie Doll collection will be foolish to pass up on the chance to include the Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll to their collection. Even non-collectors but individuals who appreciate Barbie will surely want to get their hands on this particular piece. Of course, little girls’ parents will also be likely to spend on this limited edition collectible as a present for their children.

Things We LikeBarbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll

The design of the swimsuit worn by the Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll may not be as revealing as the modern swimsuits and bikinis that we see these days. But that is where the real beauty of this doll lies. The one-piece is sexy but still conservative, and it still maintains a degree of class and sophistication all rolled into one. The black and white stripe design is definitely eye-catching, and the halter design makes it even appealing to the eye.

The accessories are also worth mentioning, from the sexy strappy heels to the gold cuff bracelet, and topped off by the white-rimmed sunglasses perched atop Barbie’s head. To complete that beach look, her hair is neatly tied up in a ponytail.

We truly appreciate the effort that went beyond this collaboration. Sports Illustrated and Mattel clearly appreciate what the other has accomplished over decades, so they were able to come up with a successful partnership, with wonderful results. The magazine paid tribute to the “doll that started it all”, while Mattel made sure to remain faithful to Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit concepts.


Things We Don’t Like

The Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll is a limited edition, so finding it is going to be quite a challenge. Another aspect about it that we did not like very much is how the skin tone was limited to a neutral version. It would be a good idea to also come up with a Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll in other skin tones.



Mattel provides warranty coverage for all its Barbie products. However, the specifics for the Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll have not yet been revealed.


Is It Worth The Money?Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll!

This is one Barbie doll limited edition that everyone should have! There is no arguing that it is going to be worth your money. It’s even looked on by many as a worthy investment .


Where Can I Buy?

Expect the Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll to be available in Mattel. Buying the Sports Illustrated issue will also give you a chance to own one. Of course, Amazon and other merchant sites are also likely to hold this particular doll for sale.


Final Thoughts

Excellent collector item and a great compliment to the 2014 Barbie Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Doll. You will be sorry if you do not get one!


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