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A great accessory to pair with other Backyard Safari gear is The Backyard Safari Binoculars. These binoculars make the entire safari adventure come to life, as your child will take a more detailed look at the world around them. These realistic binoculars look like a great replica of real binoculars that can encourage pretend play for children. Let’s have a closer look to see more of what this toy has to offer.

Key Features of the Backyard Safari Binoculars

5 x 30 magnifying power,
Adjustable focus,
Plastic eyecups are soft and safe,
Comfortable foam hand grips,
Carrying matching strap,
For ages 5-12.

Are the Backyard Safari Binoculars Worth Buying?

If your child loves animals, nature, exploring or action then they will probably love these realistic binoculars. If your child is not familiar with exploring the outdoors, this toy is a great way to show your child all that there is to see in their own backyard!

The Backyard Safari Binoculars come with a green strap to match the predominantly green color. There is a small section of yellow by the hand grips. These two colors combine well to give the binoculars a realistic look to resemble a true safari adventure, and can make for some fun pretend play as your kids camp out in the bushes!Binoculars 2408404

The lens on the binoculars offers your child a crystal clear view of objects in his or her surrounding area. This view can be easily adjusted by your child until he or she can get a clear close-up view of the wonderful outdoors. The size of the binoculars is perfect for little hands, allowing your child to easily adjust the focus on the binoculars to his or her choice.

The Backyard Safari Binoculars are made with durable and sturdy material that can handle the drops and rough handling by children. By having their own binoculars, children will want to bring them mostly everywhere they go so they can zoom in on whatever interests them.

The main drawback to the Backyard Safari Binoculars is that they may not always stay in the place that they have been adjusted to. A child will need to hold the binoculars with both hands to prevent the adjustment from moving. However, this is to be expected given that this is a very budget toy. It won’t work as well as standard binoculars, but it won’t cost much to replace if your child breaks them, either!

Overall, this is a great education toy to add to any safari collection, or just to use on its own.

It’ll encourage kids to be more observant and to get outside. Plus, the binoculars are a real bargain!

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